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Question:  Why Emma and Ebony and not The NEW tales from Wollemi Heights?

Answer: The truth is I have been working with Rose and Emma since 2002, which was before I could even draw or write really. The thing is in the time that I wasn’t updating the comic and while I was struggling with the fate of Rose (See below) I started questioning just what the name “The NEW tales from Wollemi Heights” had to do with the comic and I realized very little.

Once I had worked out that the name meant very little and probably didn’t attract any readers I went looking for a new name and after dealing with the mess that had become Rose I settled on the new name Emma and Ebony: Practitioners of the arcane arts focusing on unblemished nature, which I feel sounds far better then the old name.

Question:  What happened to Rose?

Answer: Well, Rose is still around, its just I had to rename her so I ended up picking the name Ebony as it is a name I am quite fond of.  

Question:  Will Ebony change anything?

Answer: No not really, I still plan to use all the plots that I have already written and that some of you have already seen parts of, so stay tuned because this ride is just getting started..  

Question (Asked by fan):  Does this comic have an ending?

Answer: Yes, it does have an ending and strangely enough I have already written it, however don't expect to see it in the next year or even two, heck don't even expect it in the next six years...



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